What happens if I lack vitamin B6?


Vitamin B6 is usually found in meat or whole grain foods. Generally, if we lack vitamin B6, it is easy to cause our body problems in four aspects:

1. It makes us nervous. Vitamin B6 has the function of maintaining the normal operation of the brain and nervous system. If we lack it, it will easily cause our emotional tension, insomnia, headache, etc
2. It can also make people feel irritable. It can lead to nervous system disorder, emotional irritability or depression, and lethargy and memory loss.
3. It causes anemia. It is the essential nutrient for the production of hemoglobin and antibodies. It is involved in hematopoiesis. The human body lacks vitamin B6, which is easy to cause anemia symptoms.
4. It causes arteriosclerosis. B6 is involved in human fat metabolism. If the intake is insufficient, the ability of fat metabolism will decline, resulting in the accumulation of excess fat in the liver and blood vessels, causing arteriosclerosis.

The daily intake should be about 1.4 mg to 1.6 mg. Generally, we should pay attention to eating more coarse grains, because the content of whole grain food is relatively high. Usually, we should eat more whole grain food as much as possible, and avoid eating only refined rice flour to achieve low refined carbon.

In addition, vitamin B6 is picky about temperature, and it will disappear when the temperature is high, so we Chinese people usually like to stir fry at high temperature and stew for a long time when cooking. These processes are easy to cause the loss of B group.