Bentonite is a natural mineral, mainly composed of silicate and alumina, with excellent stability, isolation, and adsorption properties. It is widely used in various industrial fields and people's livelihood production due to its excellent hydrochemical properties.
The following are the main applications of bentonite:
Building materials: Bentonite can be used to manufacture high-performance concrete, waterproof materials, coatings, wallpaper and other building materials, which can improve the weather resistance and insulation performance of building materials.
Petroleum and natural gas industries: Bentonite can be used as a filler and thickener in drilling fluids, and can also be used to manufacture fine inks and coatings.
Pharmaceutical and food industries: Bentonite can be used as a mixture and stabilizer for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chewing gum, as well as as as a preservative and stabilizer for food.
Environmental protection field: Due to the adsorption properties of bentonite, its application in environmental protection technologies is very common, such as water pollution control, soil remediation, and waste management.
Fine Chemicals: Bentonite can be used to manufacture fine chemical products such as catalysts, ceramics, and rubber reinforcement materials. These products have high purity and stability, and are widely used in fields such as automobiles, machinery, and electronics.
Soil improvement: Bentonite has a significant improvement effect on soil, which can improve soil water retention, permeability, fertility, and consolidation. Therefore, it is widely used in agricultural production.
Bentonite products: Bentonite can also be made into various bentonite products, including cat litter, dehumidifiers, fireproof materials, sound insulation materials, and so on.
In short, bentonite is a very important mineral resource that has been widely used in many fields. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, it will continue to play an important role in the future.