Waxy corn starch is a multifunctional material widely used in the food industry, cosmetics industry, and textile industry. The following are the main characteristics and applications of waxy corn starch:
Good transparency: Waxy corn starch, due to its presence of waxy esters, dissolves in water and forms a milky white starch paste, which can become transparent after heating, enhancing the aesthetics of the product.
Improving texture: Waxy corn starch has important thickening and stabilizing properties, which can increase the richness and smoothness of the taste in food, improving the texture of the food.
Increase product value: The excellent viscosity and elasticity of waxy corn starch can enhance the value of the product, such as making candy, chewing gum, and chocolate, which can increase its mouthfeel and taste.
Meeting different needs: Waxy corn starch can also be used to manufacture industrial products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tape, and textiles, and its diversity and researchability can meet the needs of different customers.
Harmless and environmentally friendly: Waxy corn starch is a food grade material that is harmless to the human body and easy to decompose. It will not cause environmental pollution during use.
In summary, waxy corn starch has been widely used in multiple fields due to its versatility, good transparency, increased commercial value, and environmental friendliness