Cocoa butter is a kind of natural vegetable fat, which comes from edible oil extracted from cocoa beans and is generally used to make chocolate and other chocolate products. According to [1], cocoa butter has only a light chocolate flavor and aroma, so it can provide rich texture and taste for chocolate.
The melting point of cocoa butter is about 34-38 degrees Celsius (93-100 degrees Fahrenheit). It is solid at room temperature, but will soon melt in the mouth. At the same time, cocoa butter contains a certain proportion of plant fatty acids, such as Omega7 and Omega9. These fatty acids have health effects such as reducing bad cholesterol and blood sugar, and are beneficial to human health.
Compared with cocoa powder, chocolate contains not only cocoa powder, but also a large amount of cocoa butter. Therefore, good chocolate not only has the nutritional ingredients of cocoa powder, but also can get the precious fatty acids of cocoa butter. At the same time, it can provide rich texture and taste, which is favored by consumers.
In addition to being the raw material of chocolate products, cocoa butter can also be used to make candy, biscuits, chewing gum and other foods. Cocoa butter is also widely used in cosmetics, medicine, soap, shampoo and other fields. Since cocoa butter can promote the metabolism of skin cells, it is used to make skin care products, beauty products and soap.
It should be noted that although cocoa butter is a kind of natural plant fat, excessive intake will increase the total amount of fat consumed by the human body, which may lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease and other health problems. Therefore, chocolate and other foods containing cocoa butter should be eaten in moderation. In addition, in order to reduce production costs, some low-quality chocolate manufacturers will use a large number of other types of vegetable oils to replace cocoa butter, which will harm consumers' health. Therefore, when purchasing chocolate and other cocoa butter products, it is recommended to choose products from formal channels and legitimate manufacturers, and carefully check the product label and ingredients list