Milk thistle, also known as silymarin, is a herb widely studied in traditional herbalism. The flavonoids contained in the seeds of milk thistle are called silymarin or silymarin. The main function of milk thistle is to clear the liver and promote bile, with the following detoxification functions:
1. Open up the capillary bile ducts of liver cells, allowing bile to flow unimpeded in the bile ducts, accelerating the discharge of toxic substances from the "common bile duct";
2. Dilute the toxin, increase its water solubility, and after treatment by the liver, the toxin is discharged from the "common bile duct" to purify the blood. This process is called "biochemical conversion detoxification";
3. Promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells, and help them synthesize necessary proteins, sugars, and essential fatty acids from the blood nutrients input from the "portal vein".

The Role of Milk Thistle
1. Protect the liver, avoid the invasion of toxic substances and remove harmful substances from the body; Repair the liver, prevent further fatty and fibrosis of the liver, and improve the function of liver cells; Nourishing the liver, nourishing liver cells, and enhancing the liver's ability to prevent poisoning;
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