Candy is a sweet food made from sugar, starch, water, and other ingredients. They are usually made into small pieces or spheres, and can also be in other shapes. Candy has various flavors, such as strawberries, grapes, cherries, lemons, chocolate, and so on.
Candy can be divided into many different categories, including hard candy, soft candy, chocolate, milk candy, jelly, and so on. Hard candy is usually semi transparent, while soft candy has a softer and chewy taste. Chocolate is a candy made from cocoa beans, usually with multiple flavors and shapes. Milk candy is a soft candy made from milk and sugar.
In addition to traditional candy, there are many other kinds of candy, such as sour candy, chewing gum, lollipop, and so on. In recent years, some healthy candies have also begun to appear, using natural sweeteners and low sugar formulas.
Although candy tastes delicious, excessive consumption of candy may affect health. Excessive sugar can lead to dental caries and other health problems. Therefore, we should enjoy candy moderately and maintain a healthy eating habit.